• Villa comunale with different kinds of trees and monument to Carlo Pisacane
  • Buon pastore rest home in liberty style
    Lungomare Italia, the longest seaside between Salerno and Reggio Calabria
  • Monument dedicated to the landing of the three hundreds soldiers led by Carlo Pisacane
  • Archaeological area of Santa Croce, with the ruins of a Roman maritime villa founded at the end of republican period (I century b. C.)
  • Immacolata Concezione Church, built between 1719 and 1730. with three naves, a bell tower, a Baroque façade and side towers
  • San Giovanni Battista Church
    Tower of the meteorological observatory is very interesting: it is in neo-Middle Ages style and it is decorated with ceramics portraying the most important men of sciences
  • Memorial stone of L. Sempronio Prisco
    " The gleaner", a statue on Scialandro rock
  • Marinella, the ancient hamlet
  • Largo Pisacane, on the beach where the three hundred soldiers landed, they were led by Carlo Pisacane. There is a stone with the lines of the poetry "La Spigolatrice di Sapri" by Luigi Mercantini
  • Acquamedia spring, that is potable water with sea water, with diuretic effects and a nice flavour
  • Palladino Mount, between Campania and Basilicata
  • Ruotolo spring. This stone detached from Palladino Mount and rolled to the sea in 1920, it remained on the rocks thanks to the intercession of Saint Blaise invoked by fishermen that feared to be crushed by it
  • Saline, plain rocks that hold the sea water during sea storms and then the salt after the evaporation of water
  • Torre di Mezzanotte ruins
  • Cristo degli Abissi statue
  • " Apprezzami l’asino" path, that leads to Grotta delle Colonne
    Scialandro Rock
  • Capobianco Tower of Middle Ages
  • Orto delle Canne Spring
  • Cartolano and Mezzanotte caves
  • Carnale and Giammarrone hamlets crossed by Brizzi and Franco streams at the slopes of Ceraso and Spina mounts